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Faculty Development Programs For Teachers

Faculty Development Programs For Teachers

Our faculty not only get trained with our partners (CHRYSALIS and XSEED) in education delivery but we also bring in expert educationists from time to time to train the faculty.

We are proud to say that each faculty at our school undergoes a mandatory 20 man-days of training in a year.

These are some indicative list of sessions that our faculty is trained on -

  • Developing and Improvising the Traits of New-Age Faculty
  • Innovative Teaching Methodologies
  • Comprehensive and Continuous Assessment (CCE) Methodology of CBSE
  • Child Counselling
  • Integrating Bloom’s Taxonomy in the Course Work
  • Bringing out the best in each kid – Tips and Techniques
  • Identifying and Handling Depressive tendencies in Students
  • Helping Parents to help their child at home

Winning Partnership


Chrysalis is India's premier education research and innovation organization focused on delivering quality holistic education in Indian schools.

Chrysalis, EZ Vidya is the pioneer in bringing a 21st Century Learning Environment in Indian schools. Chrysalis is a transformational 21st-century curriculum, technology & pedagogic solution adopted by progressive schools to create a learning environment that delivers quality holistic education to suit the 21st century needs

Owing to over a decade of sustained research on education and pedagogy by their internal R&D team, a remarkable transformation was witnessed in the schools after their interventions.

Chrysalis is acknowledged as a 'Thought Leader' in education by regulatory bodies in the field of education such as CBSE, Ministry of Education in several states and our corporate partners like IBM, AIF, Dell, and NOKIA.


XSEED is a global K-8 learning company headquartered in Singapore. Their Flagship Program, XSEED is a proven and research-based academic program for schools that build thinking skills & problem-solving confidence in children. XSEED children ask more questions, can write in their own words, like doing word problems in mathematics, can complete their homework on their own, are not afraid to speak-up in English, persist longer in solving problems, and score well on tests.

Its 5-STEP Teaching Method – AIM – ACTION – ANALYSIS – APPLICATION – ASSESSMENT is a hugely successful model for creating unparalleled learning possibilities for the GEN-Z kids.


EDU-SPARROW is a holistic cloud-based platform helping educators in bringing personalized learning to our students through,

  • Simplified management tools
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • World class education content
  • Supported by big data analytics

It offers a single, integrated cloud platform using most current technology which makes the whole process easier and more exciting for the educators, parents, and students.

They help us steer towards Personalized learning approach by providing more international course material, analytics & visualization tools to collaborate and innovate. They have created and improvised the most efficient one-stop solution which replaces the fragmented & ineffective school management software.


Butterfly Fields was founded by people with a passion to create more ‘doers’ in India. They felt that the Indian educational system, with its emphasis on theory and exams, was taking the joy out of learning and more importantly, its very purpose. As with many great journeys, Butterfly Fields began its journey by asking some simple questions that challenged the status quo:

  • Shouldn’t education be more about understanding and less about marks?
  • Shouldn’t schools be training children in improving intelligence rather than memory?
  • Shouldn’t learn to be about solving real-life problems rather than answering some questions in a paper?

The products have been designed for understanding the needs of Indian education system through 1000+ hours of teacher interactions, 10,000+ hours of student interactions. Each product comes with 100+ hours of dedicated R&D and has been refined over after observing its usage by 5000+ children.

7036117111 info@gihs.in